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More About Sports Injury Treatment

Sports Injury is a common condition suffered by several athletes. Some sport injuries can lead to immediate pain and discomfort while some lead to wear and tear of muscle due to overuse. These injuries get diagnosed during routine checkup and examination. A combination of anti- inflammatory medicines and exercises are recommended to offer relief to the patient. Only in severe cases, surgery is carried out.

Causes of Sports Injury pain:

1.Hip Flexor Strain: This happens on the upper front side of the thigh. Injury can happen in this muscle due to running inclines, sprinting or any kind of quick turn action.

2.Hamstring Strain: This is strain that affects the back side of the thigh. The muscles of the hamstring become tight with pain. The main reason behind this is lack of stretching. The first line treatment of hamstring strain is rest and ice pack.

3.Concussion: This is an injury to the brain that happens due to a blow to the head. Common symptoms of concussion are mentioned below.

4.Shoulder Injury: This encompasses injuries such as misalignment, dislocations, muscle strains, sprain of ligament, etc. Shoulder is the weakest joint in the body. It can be afflicted with injury due to lack of strength, flexibility, stabilization, etc.

Symptoms of neck pain:
  • Inability to climb stairs.
  • Pain while raising the leg.
  • Stiffness and heaviness in leg.
  • Bruising on upper thigh and
  • groin area.
  • Dizziness.
  • Hypoglycemia.
  • Confusion.
  • Slurred speech.

is by clinical examination mainly. X-ray of cervical spine can be ordered to rule out bony abnormalities. MRI cervical spine is used to rule out disc prolapse, nerve compression, spinal stenosis, etc

For details of treatment, consult Spine and Pain medicine specialist Dr. Sanjeev K. Sharma.