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HEEL PAIN Treatment

More About Heel Pain Treatment

This kind of pain arises due to injury or weakness in the heel. It is a common foot problem. Pain in the heel is usually caused by plantar fasciitis. Heel pain can also take place due to arthritis, tendonitis, stress fracture, nerve irritation, cyst, etc. Two most common kinds of heel pains are mentioned below.

Causes of Heel pain:

Plantar Fascitis: This is a kind of stabbing pain that happens near the heel. It can be worse in the morning and usually increases after a long period of running, jumping and standing.

Ankle Ligament Injury: This is a condition when there is a tearing of ligament of the ankle. You will hear a cracking and popping sound when the injury happens and later on, the area starting hurting looks bruised and swells up.


Tenderness in the heel.
Pain in the heel while flexing.
Pain after a prolonged period of rest.
Numbness or tingling sensation in the heel.
Pain in the heel after a long period of activity.
The mild ache to sharp pain in the inside of the heel.


is by clinical examination mainly. X-ray of cervical spine can be ordered to rule out bony abnormalities. MRI cervical spine is used to rule out disc prolapse, nerve compression, spinal stenosis, etc

For details of treatment, consult Spine and Pain medicine specialist Dr. Sanjeev K. Sharma.